Agronomic Services

Let Us Test Your Soil


The purpose of our Agronomic Service is to help customers select the correct formula, rate per acre, time of application and placement. We utilize soil tests conducted by impartial commercial laboratories to determine what nutrients your soil can supply. APF is a leader in soil testing, and has done extensive testing in the Southwest. We know your soil. Our ammonium sulfate delivers sulfate sulfur, and we can improve the quality of your crops and help you increase yields.  Our goal is to improve your profitability. Recommendations are made to upgrade below par elements to assure crops receive the proper nutrients in the exact quantity needed. APF Agronomists are available for consultations, crop fertility planning and trouble shooting problem fields. Also, our local dealers sponsor periodic programs attended by APF Agronomists. These beneficial and entertaining meetings are designed to keep you current on fertilizer research information. Your APF dealer will be glad to furnish details on the next program scheduled in your area.

Distribution of Fertilizer

“Across the County or Across the World”

Getting fertilizer to you exactly when and where you want it is the function of our Distribution Department.  For this purpose APF owns and operates a large private fleet of specialized equipment in the industry. Diesel tractors, killebrews, pneumatics, flat beds, tank and auger trailers provide a tremendous delivery capability. In addition, APF ships rail cars of ammonium sulfate throughout North America. APF maintains a barge loading facility in Galveston, TX that distributes shipments all over the Southeastern US and into the Mississippi Delta region. International vessels are also loaded here, and deliver our ammonium sulfate globally. Regardless of distance, whether across the county or across the world, you can depend on APF.