“New and Improved Concept in Fertilizing”


Crop Formulas:  APF Crop Formulas are top of the line plant foods made to fit the needs of crops in specific soil areas.  Formulas include Grass & Forage for East Texas hay and pasture; A+ Rice Rouser for sandy rice land; B+ Milo Maker for the Texas Blacklands; B+ Peanut Pusher for Mason and Atascosa counties and Tree Topper for peaches.  Melon WhopperBean GrowerCotton CropperLegume LauncherHead StartWinter Pasture Special and others are available.  Your local dealer carries only the correct Crop Formula for your area.  These premium plant foods are carefully formulated on the basis of long research.  They are continually upgraded and improved to assure you the very latest in fertilizer technology.  Crop Formulas contain all the macro and micronutrients needed in the areas they are sold.  APF was the first to offer a complete line of Crop Formulas—a new and improved concept in fertilizing.

Custom Formulas and Micronutrients:  Plant food made to your exacting specifications and designed to fit soil test and agronomic recommendations.  This is our prescription fertilizer line.  It is used when Multi-Pels™ and Crop Formulas don’t fit.  If your soil needs magnesium, boron, manganese or molybdenum, you need an APF Custom Formula.  Custom Formulas correct all chemical deficiencies and help you eliminate low yield barriers.  They help remedy problem soil areas where plants whither and die.  They are also helpful in getting maximum economic production on average land.  All micronutrients in our Custom Formulas are readily available.  Iron and zinc are in the sulfate form.  Our agronomists can design a Custom Formula for your specific needs. Please contact us today for more information a custom formula fertilizer.