Spreader Settings

We at APF get many calls concerning what spreader setting to use on their lawn or garden.


Often, manufactures try to put all the spreader settings on their pre-printed bag, but the spreader manufactures often change models, and the density of fertilizer materials can change from year to year. So at APF we chose to not put spreader settings on our bags; thus, leaving the recommendation up to the local dealer. In order to assist our customers and dealers on spreader settings, below are general guidelines on what settings to use.

For fertilizers with 19% nitrogen or less (first number 19-5-9). Put the setting a notch or two above half or 50 percent of maximum opening. For example, if the largest opening is 18 on the spreader (max opening). Then set the spreader on 10 or 11. If you have an older lawn or garden that has had previous fertilizer applications reduce the setting 1-2 notches below half, say 7 or 8. With small hand-held spreaders that go up to 5, open it all the way. If your hand-held spreader goes up to 10 or more, put the setting at 50 percent open.

With high nitrogen blends with 20-24% nitrogen, open the spreader 1/3 of maximum. With nitrogen 20-28 open 1/4 of maximum. We at APF are not in favor of these high analysis blends for lawns or gardens primarily because these blends give you less fertilizer coverage i.e., fewer fertilizer pellets per square yard.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at American Plant Food Corporation.

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