UAS Urea plus Ammonium SulfateUAS (33-0-0)

Our newest bagged product combines urea and ammonium sulfate. It is made with both short term and long term nitrogen sources combined with available sulfate sulfur. With the launch of this new line, we are now the nation’s supplier of urea plus ammonium sulfate.

This nitrogen and sulfur only fertilizer can be used on areas where you have adequate levels of phosphorus and potassium. It was designed to be a safe alternative to ammonium nitrate. This high nitrogen analysis blend was intended for larger acreages for the high nitrogen using crops, such as, Truck Farm Vegetables, Corn, Potatoes, Onions, etc. However, it can be used on Lawns, Gardens, Flowers, Shrubs, Hedges, and Trees but, at a reduced rate
compared to lower nitrogen blends which can give better coverage, i.e., more pellets per square yard. Listed below are general guidelines for using our UAS urea plus ammonium sulfate.

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